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Bernachon and Le Président

A visit to Lyon without stopping at Bernachon is like visiting the Louvre without seeing the Mona Lisa. Lyon has a long history of producing the best chocolatiers in the whole of France, and Bernachon must surely rank with the best.

Located in the prestigious sixth arrondissement of Lyon on the tree-lined boulevard of Franklin Roosevelt, Bernachon combines chocolaterie, patisserie and confiserie into one boutique, and a restaurant/tea room next door.

Unlike many chocolatiers, Bernachon makes its own chocolate, selecting the best species and finest crops of cocoa beans from around the world.

Like coffee, there are many different kinds of beans, each with a different taste depending on where they are grown. Chocolate is like wine; the beans have their own terroir.

Tradition-centred, hand-crafted products and fresh ingredients are the hallmarks of Bernachon. From bean to box, everything is hand-made, even down to hand wrapping of individual pieces.

Le Président

Like many icons of Lyon, Paul Bocuse’s influence is inescapable. Bernachon is run by Philippe Bernachon, the grandson of Paul Bocuse. Philippe’s father was in chocolate, and his grandfather was before him.

While Bernachon makes a large range of chocolates and patisseries, its most famous creation is Le Président, a dessert created by Maurice Bernachon for the 50th birthday of President Giscard d’Estaing.

Le Président
Le Président

Le Président is a chocolate genoise with hazelnut praline, cherry confit, and chocolate shavings formed in the shape of a gentle flower with petals as fine as Normandy lace.

As keen as we were to taste Le Président, the 45 to 60 euro price tag was a little rich for us. So, we settled for its smaller cousin, the Vice Président, made in individual portions.

To do this, we decided to have a meal next door in Bernachon’s restaurant and tea room called Passion. The mind boggles where they got that name. Is chocolate really an aphrodisiac?

Salon de Thé
Salon de Thé

The meal was very acceptable, but the piece de resistance was the Vice Président. Initial impressions were that it would be a heavy cake, particularly at the end of a full meal.

However, when I decided to destroy this superb creation by lifting one of its glorious chocolate petals and gingerly put it in my mouth, it dissolved of its own accord, leaving me with an unequalled experience. The cake itself was as light as a cloud, close to heaven. Did they forget to put calories in it?

Le Vice Président
Le Vice Président

Nothing can compare to Le Président, but a very good alternative is another signature product, the Palets d’Or, ganesh chocolates with real gold leaf. Bernachon also offers a wide variety of chocolates like truffles, pralines and toffee at affordable prices.

If you visit, have the time, and speak French, Bernachon offers a tour of their factory, but check first for the times. Bernachon also holds to the French tradition of shutting up their entire operation for their annual holidays, usually one month around late July to late August. It is just poor planning if you take your holidays at the same time.

Bernachon Lyon

42 Cours Franklin Roosevelt, 69006 Lyon
+33 4 78 24 37 98
[email protected]
Tues – Sat: 8.30 am to 7.00 pm (Shop)
Tues – Sat: 9.00 am to 6.30 pm (Tea Room)
Closed late July to late August(check website)
Metro A:Foch or Masséna


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