La Passerelle de Corton

La Passerelle des Corton – the Good Samaritans

Getting sick while holidaying in France is not something you would wish on anyone. But, if you happen to get sick, then La Passerelle des Corton is a good place for it to occur.

La Passerelle des Corton is an idyllic bed and breakfast nestled among Premier Cru vineyards, opposite Château d’Aloxe-Corton, and 12 minutes from Hôtel-Dieu Museum in Beaune.

It is the home of Martyal and Sylvia, the most gracious, kind, and caring owners we’ve ever met. And they are just the people you want around if you get sick.

Château d'Aloxe-Corton
Château d’Aloxe-Corton

So it came to pass that Ruth decided to give birth to a kidney stone in the middle of the night. Like most pregnancies, the stubborn little bugger decided to play hardball, causing much discomfort and considerable pain, so much so that it became evident that Ruth had to go to a hospital.

At two in the morning, I stumbled downstairs in search of Martyal and Sylvia. In the dark and not knowing where in the house they resided, I resorted to shouting out their names loud enough to wake the dead. The sense of urgency and trembling in my voice prompted an immediate response.

Within minutes we were in Martyal’s car and on our way to Beaune Hospital, several kilometres away.

Musée de l'Hotel-Dieu, Beaune
Musée de l’Hotel-Dieu, Beaune

Beaune Hospital must have been trying to save on electricity as the Emergency Department (Urgences) was challenging to find. After wandering around in the dark for some time, we eventually came upon the Urgences sign with the entrance door locked and blacked out. A nearby intercom and alarm finally got us access.

Unlike Australian Emergency Departments at 2.00 am, this one had no customers. Nevertheless, the duty staff were professional, but it took all that day and countless investigations before the doctors ushered Ruth into an operating theatre to insert a temporary ureteral stent.

The following day, Ruth was discharged, one thousand euros lighter, the offending stone still in place, and advised to consult her local doctor when she returned to Australia.

During this time, Martyal and Sylvia were exceedingly helpful and supportive. Not only did Martyal stay with us during the early morning hours, but Sylvia returned that afternoon to take me back to La Passerelle while Ruth stayed overnight in the hospital. Sylvia provided me with an unexpected dinner that evening while Martyal introduced me to the story of Kir Cassis. The following day, Martyal and I returned to collect Ruth.

ylvia and Martyal, owners of La Passerelle des Corton
Sylvia and Martyal, owners of La Passerelle des Corton

Although we lost a few days out of our five-day stay at La Passerelle, the time spent at La Passerelle des Corton and the surrounding area was one of our most enjoyable and memorable stays.

The kindness of Martyal and Sylvia was reinforced to us when we watched some children reenact the Parable of the Good Samaritan at the Cathédrale de la Visitation in Annecy some days later. Too often, the Priests and Levites of this world pass us by. So it was refreshing to find two Samaritans who were only too willing to help.

As Martyal said on our departure, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

And yes, mother and child are both doing well.

La Passerelle des Corton

12 rue des Corton, 21420 Aloxe-Corton, France
+33 (0) 9 50 52 63 64
[email protected]
Martyal and Sylvia
Check In: 4:30 pm Check Out: 11:30 am
Car: A6 from Paris. Train: TGV Paris to Dijon, TER to Beaune



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